Information for Providers

To process your payment the NDIS requires the following information on your invoice:

  • ABN number
  • A unique Invoice number
  • The NDIS participant’s name and/or NDIS number
  • The date of service (this should be in the body of the invoice – we can not assume the date of service is the date of the invoice)
  • A brief description of service provided eg daily activities, social support, cleaning, mowing etc. or alternatively if you know the support item number this can be used.
  • Hourly rate charged and number of hours (if applicable) plus total
  • If you are providing support services, charging different shift rates you must also include the times

Please send invoices to:

We require:

  • Your company’s contact details
  • Email address for remittance advice
  • Banking details for payment
  • An invoice as an attachment (preferably as a PDF)
Shoalhaven NDIS Plan Manager

Below are some links that you may find useful:

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