Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to eligible people with a disability, based on their individual needs. There are three ways a participant can manage their funds, self manage, NDIA managed or by a plan manager, such as Shoalhaven Plan Management.

What is a Plan Manager?

A plan manager is a registered provider of financial intermediary services. A plan manager will handle any claims with NDIS, pay providers promptly and help you keep track of your spending.

Am I eligible? Why should I sign up for Plan Management?

Plan Management is available to all participants of the NDIS. There is no eligibility criteria - it is your right and does not affect your funds, but instead gets added to the plan (under 'Choice and Control', previously called 'Improved Life Choices').

Plan Management gives you the most choice and control without the hassle and administrative burden of self-managing funds or the restrictions of NDIA plan management.

How are plan management services paid for?

Funding for plan management is included in most plans under capacity building 'Choice and Control' (previously called ‘Improved Life Choices’). There are no out of pocket expenses to you and all participants of the NDIS are eligible for plan management. It is funded separately in your plan, so it does not take away money from your other supports.

Can I use non-registered providers?

Yes. You can use non NDIS registered providers if your plan is self or plan managed.

What can be funded under my NDIS plan?

The NDIS will approve claims for what is deemed a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support. These are goods or services directly relevant to the participant's disability and achieving the specific goals and objectives detailed in their current NDIS plan.

The NDIS will be unlikely to approve claims that are not deemed to be related to a participant’s disability, such as items everyone has to pay for like day to day living costs, entertainment, food, electricity and internet. More information about reasonable and necessary supports can be found on the NDIS website.

How quickly will my invoices be paid?

We pay invoices promptly after we receive payment from the NDIS.

Do I need to live in Shoalhaven to join SPM?

No. While we are based in Shoalhaven, our support extends Australia-Wide! Whether you live in metro or rural areas, we will gladly guide you through the NDIS every step of the way.

How do I sign up or transfer from my current plan manager to SPM?

No need to wait until you receive a new plan, simply contact us today. You can connect with us via email, phone, Facebook messenger or use our website’s contact form.

I'd like to learn about PACE, the new NDIA system.

We are PACE-ready and want you to be, too! You can read about the changes on our PACE FAQ page.