Information for Providers

Shoalhaven Plan Management is an independent body. We work with service providers to ensure participants have the best support under the NDIS scheme.


The NDIS has some clear responsibilities and obligations, whether you are registered with NDIS as a provider, or not. Providers that deliver a service to NDIS participants should adhere to the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct.

Your responsibilities as a service provider include:

  • Providing services funded under the NDIS guidelines that are reasonable, necessary and within the NDIS pricing arrangements
  • Relevant insurances
  • Providing invoices that are ATO compliant tax invoices
  • All key personnel, employees and volunteers that have more than incidental contact with people with a disability must have a National Workers Screening clearance.

Service Agreements

We highly recommend you create a service agreement between yourself and the participant you are supporting. This allows you to formally agree to the terms of your service, including the price and the number of times services will be provided in a plan period.

If you send your service agreement to we can confirm funds availability to ensure your invoices get paid.


To process your payment, the NDIS requires the following information on your invoice:

  • ABN number
  • A unique Invoice Number
  • The NDIS participant’s name and/or NDIS number
  • The Date of Service
    (this should be in the body of the invoice – we cannot assume the date of service is the date of the invoice)
  • NDIS Item Number
  • Hourly rate charged and number of hours (if applicable) plus total
  • If you are providing support services at different shift rates, please also include the times

Please send completed invoices to:

We require:

  • Your company’s contact details
  • Email address for remittance advice
  • Banking details for payment
  • An invoice as an attachment (preferably as a PDF)

Download and save our template.
Fill in the template with your invoice details.
Select Print then Print to PDF, and rename the file.
Open the saved file and check that is now unable to be edited over.
Email the completed invoice to: